Why We're Different

Our Partnership

We value our clients and their products and we make every effort to ensure that expectations are met or exceeded. We are highly flexible internally to speed up critical timelines.  “I need it yesterday” is something we often hear.  While we cannot turn back time, we can leverage our experience with high throughput and quick turnaround to get you results FAST, within 24 hours in some cases.

We encourage and even proactively seek the technical input of our clients to jointly create protocols and study designs that meet project goals and maximize overall productivity. Our team includes a large number of scientists trained in various disciplines, including all of the natural sciences, statistics, software analytics, sensory and food science. This breadth of expertise allows us to engage scientists, sensory professionals and marketing experts for the most fruitful collaborations.

Our Protocols and Methods

At Gustatec we pride ourselves on our adaptability and creative ways to overcome barriers to successful sensory evaluation.  We have protocols, partnerships and methods in place to evaluate products and ingredients that our competitors shy away from.

Have a pre-regulatory approved ingredient you wish you could evaluate with a sensory panel? Gustatec has proprietary workflows that allow us to safely evaluate these products and deliver to you the sensory results you need.

Have a prescription or over-the-counter product that you are working with? By deploying our proprietary safety protocols in conjunction with an Institutional Review Board (IRB) assessment, Gustatec is your answer for generating informative sensory data in this product category.

Have a limited quantity of product sample? Come to Gustatec where we have adapted sensory methods and evaluation protocols to overcome this barrier.

Our Speed

When you’re looking to fulfil a commercial need for rapid sensory evaluation of food and flavor ingredients, Look no further than Gustatec. We work at a capacity that far exceeds the ability of competing sensory evaluation companies, with results in as little as 24 hours in some cases!

Our Panelists

Our team of panelists are second to none. They are highly trained across all taste modalities and sensory methods. We value our panelists, which is why they are actually employees whose only job is to be a sensitive tasting instrument. They take their job seriously and are scheduled regularly both for projects and to maintain their level of sensitivity. Our heterogeneous group of discrimination and descriptive panelists represent a diverse range of backgrounds, ages and ethnicities.