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Analytical Sensory

Gustatec has developed novel testing and evaluation protocols, as well as rigorous panelist training methodologies, to enable high precision testing in sensory evaluation. Sensory testing by nature relies on human subjectivity, which is inherently variable. Nonetheless, after our screening and training process, our panelists consistently perform well on blind controls over time. This allows for reproducible and comparative evaluation of even closely related products.

Results from trained panels can be evaluated using naïve panelists as well. Our demographically diverse pool of trained panelists allows for more efficient testing when the product is eventually transitioned to evaluation with naïve panelists in consumer preference testing.

We offer analytical sensory evaluation across all product categories and sensory modalities, including taste, smell and texture. In addition to standard methodologies, we are happy to discuss any specific custom protocols that may be required for a specific project or evaluation purpose.

Consumer Preference

The lifetime of a consumer good will include constant modification, improvement and optimization. Whether the reasoning is cost-savings or to improve quality, what matters in the end is the product’s acceptance and use by consumers. Product development, the assessment of market potential and category review are natural phases of the R&D cycle, and are all areas where the resources available at Gustatec can accelerate the overall process.

Gustatec has access to thousands of untrained panelists in a variety of demographic groups. The use of untrained panelists is a critical component for consumer evaluation, providing input that a trained sensory panel cannot. Our ability to readily access numerous naïve panelists allows us to offer consumer testing as a stand-alone option or in combination with our analytic sensory evaluation.

Custom Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Each one of our clients is unique, with different goals, protocol and missions. We recognize the individualities of the companies with whom we collaborate, and we work diligently to serve the specific and distinctive needs of each. At Gustatec, we can custom configure our testing protocol to meet project needs and can even adjust the demographic composition of our panels to match relevant consumer populations. The only constants that all of our clients can expect are industry leading timelines and customer service.

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