Where We Work

Panel Facilities

With our two locations in New Jersey having a combined square footage of over 5000 sq ft, we can accommodate virtually any size panel. Our sample preparation area consisting of over 1000 sq ft with modern equipment, can accommodate any product. Additionally, our applications laboratory with precise instrumentation and extensive inventory of ingredients can accommodate preparation of any formulation.

Both locations have areas for discrimination testing, descriptive analysis training and evaluation and consumer testing.

New Brunswick: An urban location allowing for a heterogonous mix of panelists and consumers

  • 46 testing booths in a semi-isolated environment for discrimination and consumer testing
  • Fully computerized data collection and analysis permits secure on-site storage of proprietary information
  • Descriptive Analysis panel area for training and evaluation
  • Separate sample preparation area which minimizes bias and distraction for panel
  • Automated scheduling system

North Brunswick: Located in the Technology Centre of New Jersey

  • Descriptive Analysis areas for training, coupled with 20 testing booths
  • An additional 20 testing booth for Discrimination and Consumer testing
  • Like our New Brunswick facility, our North Brunswick facility includes a separate sample preparation area, fully computerized booths and automated scheduling for our panelists.

Our state of the art applications laboratory is located at our North Brunswick location. Precise instrumentation and modern equipment allow for accurate preparation of even the most difficult formulations. Staffed by professionals with extensive experience in food science and flavors, you can trust Gustatec’s application lab to create and/or assist in your sample preparation or product development.