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The Challenge

In today’s world food and beverage companies are trying to overcome the challenge to make their products not only healthy but also taste good. When we reduce the amount of sugar or salt in a product the taste changes drastically. Companies can add in substitutes but often these substitutes can add an off taste to your food. While using the substitutes may be good for your health, if you can’t get over the taste of the product, chances are you won’t be that product again.

The Solution

Gustatec’s panelist recruitment department works to enlist new panelists to join our formal panels. Initial rounds of acuity testing are performed to assess an individual’s ability to detect subtle differences across a variety of different stimulus profiles, including tastes and odorants. During the interview process data collected during these tests we are able to identify highly reliable panelists for further project-specific testing or to perform sensory evaluation for specific projects.

The recruitment department also tracks multiple demographic and habitual attributes of our panelists. Trends can be identified that correlate certain ethnic or dietary characteristics to the ability to accurately perceive certain sensory stimuli. Our panelist pool is highly diverse, which gives us the ability to demonstrate consistency of effectiveness in our products across age, gender, ethnic and a variety of other demographic variables.


of Americans are Nontasters


of Americans are Medium Tasters


of Americans are "Supertasters"

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